Weekly Blog Roll

Yay its Friday! lol

Just wanted to compile a list of some of the blog posts that I’ve read during the week and are worth listing. Some actually might be past reads, but still worth sharing.

Kyle Duck over at YokeBreak.com wrote a good article about Negative SEO. I read it about 2 months ago, but figured it would be good to share. This has seem to be quite the hot topic as of recently. Kyle added a funny and interesting spin to his article. It wasn’t the typical dry techy SEO post, made me laugh a few times, lol.


Spencer over at NichePursuits.com and his August income report. I really liked this post. I enjoyed reading about the updates on his goal of site buying for 2014. He hit his 25K mark in spend on site purchases and recently purchased some good high earning sites.


The ahrefs blog always seems to have pretty decent posts coming out. I don’t read all of them, but I do read through a few of them. This one was written by Pawel Grabowski and talks about managing your cash flow of a SEO agency.


Empire Flippers – Joe and Justin always come out with a great podcast that I enjoy listening to. This one is especially cool, since they are interviewing a website seller that has a 200k site! That is pay for a house money! This made me step back and rethink what I’m doing trying to build a measly Amazon affiliate site with the hopes of getting $500 a month. lol


Matt over at DumbPassiveIncome.com is doing a “niche site at night” project. I always enjoy reading posts about people building out sites and their way of going about things. Helps to be able to see what is and what isn’t working for a particular person, and then being able to possibly apply it for your own sites.



Thanks for stopping by. I know this isn’t a very big list of sites, but I’ve been trying to do more and more work and less reading of blogs. I have found myself getting distracted from what I really need to do whether it is planning out content for my sites, or doing some keyword research. One too many times I’ve caught myself getting off task for 30-45 minutes reading about the latest and greatest endeavors of my favorite blogger when I shouldn’t be.

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