What Rankings? Why does Google hate me?

What Rankings? Why does Google hate me?

So I was ranking for a few keywords on the 4th, 5th, and 6th page, but then my site disappeared. Which Hayden over at Nohateseo.com wrote about Sandboxing of new sites that fail their “audition” with Google. Which it looks like that is what happened to mine.

All is not lost. I have been building out 3 Web 2.0’s myself(haven’t linked back to my money site yet) And I recently picked up a Hoth platinum pkg which gave me another 8 web 2.0’s. NS1 has begun to show back up in the SERPS, there are a few terms that are on the 6th, 7th, and 8th page. Things are improving. There is 14 total pieces of content on the site now, 2 of the articles are 1k each.

Back linking has been something I’ve been dragging my feet on. It is one of those things that I worry about hurting my site, even before it gets a chance. NS1 is a product review site, and I’ve found it hard to find other sites/blogs that would be good to outreach to. Since most of the potential sites/blogs would see NS1 as competition. But there are a few sites that I’ve shot emails out to, fingers crossed they respond positively.

Dropping off the SERP radar, was totally not cool and super lame in my opinion. I was using LTP to check my rank, but I would have to set the delay time really high, and would usually get blocked my Google. Entering a captcha is lame when you don’t set the time delay high enough. Now I’ve been using Scrape box’s Rank Tracker to check my rankings. It seems to work well; the only downside is needing proxies on hand to run it. Which is costing be about 18 dollars a month for 11 of them. Scrapebox is a pretty good tool to have, Jacob King has a great tutorial on how to use it here. Here is another guide from Neil Patel and Brian Dean on advanced link building using Scrapebox. I’ve used it to build a blogger outreach list.

Now to implement getting some high authority backlinks from a PBN.  I’ve purchased some credits to use with Rankhero.co. My first article should be going live very soon, and I’m watching my rankings daily to see what kind of influence it will have. There will be a separate blog post just for that.  I also bought 5 domains from Jon over at AuthorityWebsiteIncome.com, and have some content ordered for them. Starting a PBN is not only for NS1, but I intend on using for future sites. I really think having a PBN will be extremely valuable to my sites. Jon and Doug have both written about getting links from PBN’s, and have posts talking about “how many links do you need to rank”. Good stuff since that always seems to be a question that comes up, “how many backlinks do I really need?”


These have started to build up. I plan putting together a monthly income/expense report. Right now it would be just an expense reportL. But here is a quick snapshot of what I’ve got into NS1 so far (figures are approximate)

$40 – 20, 500 word articles

$20 – 5 1k word articles

$10 – Domain Reg

$20 – 4 months of web hosting.

$297 – Rank Hero

250 – the Hoth plat pkg

310 – PBN(including registration)

Total: $947 wow!

Almost a thousand dollars, ouch. NS1 needs to start getting some traffic and making money.



3 thoughts on “What Rankings? Why does Google hate me?

    1. Nathan

      Nope no sales, I don’t have any aff links on the site yet. I really haven’t seen any real traffic come to the site. About 90 visits total :( plus I’ve heard that having aff links can hinder ranking. I need to write up an updated post. Things are looking up, I have about twice as many keywords ranking, and a few page 3 and 4 rankings.


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