Page 2!! Finally

Hi Action Takers!
So its been a crazy two weeks. I went to #WDS2014 and finished up with the NoHatSEO PTC. So I now have 4 total niche sites! NS1 is finally gaining traction and making me feel slightly better about being 1k deep into this.

Page 2!!


I broke through to Page 2. NS1 is also gaining some good traction for pages 3 and 4 for a number of other keywords. It is getting past the “Google Sandbox” I believe. From what I’ve learned in the past month is that I should have started building links sooner.

Too bad it hasn’t translated into visitor yet…


Yes Yes, your eyes are not deceiving you. That is two epic spikes of 12 whole visitors! NS2, 3, and 4 will be more impressive than this. I can’t wait to do a write up of them and lay out my game plan. The keyword research for them has been WAY better than NS1. I actually learned how to properly evaluate keywords along with the 1st page results.

The first links that NS1 got were about a month or so after there were 5 or 6 pages of content. Which now I know I should have built them sooner, when I had my first 3 or 4 pages up. Also I was so worried about killing my site before it even got going kept me from building links. I think I would have seen Page 2 about a month sooner if I had started linkbuilding sooner. But hey you live and you learn. :)

Here is a shot of NS1 stats.  I really need to ramp of some Social Media efforts.


I really need to take another look Matthew’s Post over at DumbPassiveIncome

He talks about using Social ADR to gain some Social media signal and links. Not sure if I’ll go forward with it, but its always an option.

I’m pretty positive about finally breaking through to Page 1. Several of the keywords have EMD’s on page 1, that are crappy at best. One of them is even using WordPress theme 2012(don’t judge, yes this site is running 2012). And the link profile is literally non-existent.

But who am I to judge?
They are the ones on the 1st page of Google for a pretty decent keyword with a good amount of Search Volume. 6,600 to be exact.

Plan going forward. 

  • 2 links a week for the next month. RankHero and RankLightning
  • Add one new review post a week – It already has 31 articles so far.
  • Start being active on Social Media( whether that is using Social ADR or doing it manually)



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