Page 1 or Bust

So its been a minute since I’ve given an update on NS1 and its rankings. Been super busy getting NS2, 3, and 4 built out. Getting content ordered for PBN links has taken quite a bit of time. I’m shooting for 2 links per site per week. So that makes for 32 articles a month just for PBN links! That doesn’t even include planning and ordering any other content for the sites. Busy Busy.

For NS1 I’ve added one piece of content and continued link building.

I’ve added 1 piece of content, and 6 links from a PBN. I really need to get more aggressive with the link building. This brings the total links to 15 PBN links, and 1 HOTH platinum package. The breakdown is 8 links from Lighting Rank ( 2 more are scheduled for August), and 7 links from Rankhero.

The main reason I haven’t is that my two main writers are not putting out content for me like they used to. One of them isn’t even responding to my emails, so I’m not sure what is going on. Which sucks because he was a great writer.

The other writer only does this part time and has a family to raise so I can understand. At least she is able to give me some content even if it’s not much. I’m only getting 2-3 articles a week. They are really high quality though.

Not that I don’t have other writers, but they are overseas and the quality isn’t quite up to where I would like it to be.

I’ve been spoiled with having good writers the last few months, and have forgotten how hard it is to find good ones. I’ve hired 3 more writers on oDesk, but their content isn’t great. One of them says they are from Canada, but I swear he isn’t. His English is broken, and he responds in the middle of the night US time. Which makes me think he is based overseas. Ehh oh well, Personally I don’t really care where the person is from as long as the content is good. Too bad his content isn’t that great, I’ve hired him for 4 articles and every article I have to send back to him because CopyScape picks up the article for not being unique like over 20% matches every time. One of the articles even 44% match. At least he is ok rewrites them and get the content that matches under 10%.

As always I do recommend reading over Jon’s Guide on how to get cheap content.

Now for the good stuff!! I finally cracked page 2!!! And not just 1 or 2 keywords, 5 total keywords are on page 2. I’m super stoked about this, and hope to see some traffic start rolling in real soon. It’s a real motivation killer when I check my Analytics to see 6 visits for the day L Soon that will change!

The 5 keywords have a total lms of about 5100! Which is awesome. There is also quite a few other keywords that are sitting on page 3 and 4.


Now I can start thinking about throwing some affiliate links up. From what I learned during my NoHatSEO PTC was that they recommend waiting until you get about 10-15 visits per day before you put affiliate links on your site.

But as you can see I’m not quite up to the 10-15 visits per day. I should be there soon.


Traffic_numbers and bounce rate

If you want to sign up for the upcoming internship or PTC. They are offering some great stuff this time around.


I have some real good stuff coming up. I’ve been reading up on and plan on recreating one of his case studies and see if it can work for me.

Also I should have some update for NS2, 3, and 4. I really won’t be writing detailed updates about them. The plan for them is to flip them in the next 6-9 months after they start earning. Well actually one of them I might consider keeping because I believe it has some real potential to be a real authority site, and a good long term project. Plus the niche that it is in, is for a good cause and something that I might personally wouldn’t mind evolving into a bigger thing later on if I have the time and resources. Sorry to be vague, but I might reveal it later once I get it established in the space.

So I didn’t hit my goals for going forward.

Plan going forward. 

  • 2 links a week for the next month. RankHero and RankLightning
  • I added 6 new links, not quite the 8 I was shooting for. But I’ve been spreading my self out between the NS2, 3, and 4.
  • Add one new review post a week – It already has 31 articles so far.
  • I only added 1 new article this past month, Been super busy
  • Start being active on Social Media( whether that is using Social ADR or doing it manually)
  • Wasn’t able to get Social ADR started up or do any Social Media activity

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