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DISCLAIMER: Big Shout out to Jon over at this article is following his post with or without a few of this steps. Jon is great with his processes and organization!

Hey you guys. I’m going to lay out how I get “cheap” articles on oDesk.

odesk_statI’ve been able to consistently get good 500 word articles for $2-$3 a piece over and over. From US based writers! Some of you might be thinking that sure you can get good articles for 3 bucks. I’ve spent a decent amount of money so far, but I’ve also worked away from oDesk with several of the writers so it doesn’t reflect all of my hires. Basically once I get comfortable with a writer I bring up working not on oDesk and just paying them through paypal. I don’t pay any more than I was, but they get to pocket more money since oDesk takes 10%, and paypal is only 3% I think.

I’ve found that for $2 bucks generally the content won’t be good enough for my money sites, but it is more than good for my PBN sites. I use this system to weed out the bad writers and identify the good ones, that I can offer more money to and get better quality articles for my money sites. Usually I’ve been paying around $4-$5 dollars per 500 words for content that will end up on my money sites.

I pretty much followed what Jon put out on his blog to find “cheap articles that don’t suck”. I’ve modified it slightly. Well actually I’m just not as organized and do not have the systems in place like Jon, so I just kind of wing it. Plus the amount of content that I need isn’t much.

I post a job for 10 – 500 words articles for $20 dollars. In the job offer I say that I’m looking for English speaking writers that are looking for 5* feedback.


5* feedback is crucial for freelancers on oDesk. I know from experience. I myself am a freelancer on there as well. It took me forever to get hired for any work on oDesk Until! I got some feedback. Most people aren’t willing to gamble on hiring someone you won’t perform.

But that is exactly what we are doing when we are getting these articles done for cheap. Its a gamble, BUT a very cheap one!

So now that you have your job posted. You are gong to get flooded with applicants. Most of the applicants will be from overseas. I look for the folks who are based in the US, Canada, or the UK. Don’t get me wrong about some of the folks overseas, there work ethic is great, but some of their English writing skills isn’t the best. I do have a couple overseas writers that put out good work, and can crank it out at an insane pace. Way faster than I can provide jobs for them.

So we will assume you got at least 2 US/Canada, or UK based applicants.

Hire both of them! NO UPFRONT Payment!! I did this once, and the writer only produced one HORRIBLE article. At least it was only 20% down so only $4.

When I hire, I put a caveat in there saying that I want one article written first, and if it meets my standards then will continue with the other 9 articles. Of course you want to mention that they will get paid for the 1 article regardless. If it turns out to be a crappy article, ehh oh well you only paid $2 bucks! just throw the article up on a web 2.0 or something.

No need for interview, or wasting your time getting them to answer canned questions for something of an interview. This is what Jon says to do . Because usually interviewing people is not going to weed out the crappy writers who won’t be able to produce content for you.

So now you have hired 2 writers and they have started the project and you are just waiting on them to deliver.

Here is where you have to decide if they both deliver great work. Do you only hire one and “fire” the other? Me personally I hire both.

bamGood writers are very hard to come by. I’ve found that out the hard way. I had two awesome writers that would produce great cheap content. and then BAM they stopped responding to my emails and I was left with no writers except my overseas folks, which don’t write my money site content. So its always good to have more writers than you need, so when something happens you can hit the others up.

So that almost sums it up. You have two great writers churning out cheap content for you. This is where you can work with them to get slightly better/more expensive content for your money sites through them.

Copyscape! Buy a premium subscription. Its only 5 cents a search!! Yes I know there are free alternatives out there, but you have to find them and they can be slow or what not. I really think out of all the things you can purchase for your online business. Copyscape is a great buy.


Reason being I hired a guy and he produced content fast and what looked great at first until I threw it in Copyscape. His content was over 60% plagiarized! He ended up rewriting, but just a word of caution not to trust folks too much.

That is it! Please share if you found this helpful, and Go give Jon a shout-out over at his blog. He does give a good incentive to sign up for oDesk through his affiliate link. He sends ya the names of some of his writers. I did that, and they are pretty good, but they aren’t $2 writers. They are more like $5 writers.

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