Where to buy a domain name?

So you want to get a website. Where do you start? Well you need a domain name. There are plenty of places to purchase one. From the many hosting companies offering a free domain name with the purchase of hosting, to all the companies that just sell domain names. Which one is the best deal? Between the domain being free, or getting Who-is protection for free. What deal do you take? I’ll lay out a few places you can get your domain.






I’ve purchased a few domains from GoDaddy. They aren’t bad. There are actually quite a few coupons out there that offer super cheap domains. ie $1.99 domains! Which is super cheap. Just google for GoDaddy coupons. I know Solohour.com always mentions the $1.99 domains, so head over there and check them out.






Namecheap is where I’ve bought the bulk of my domain names. They usually offer free domain privacy which is nice and domains are decently priced at about 10.99 -ish. Plus what I really like is the fact that the interface to manage and look at your domains is very easy to navigate. Also they offer two step authentication when logging into the site, which is nice for security.


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