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Webhosting? You gotta have it if you want to have a website. Webhosting is pretty much essential if you are wanting to do business online. I mean sure you can just set up a Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, or Instagram. But really you need some your own place online that you have 100% control over! Even if it is just a landing page with an email capture form. That will be good enough. As everyone says, “The money is in the list”. Also what would happen if you got banned from Facebook? or your Twitter account got hacked and shut down. How would you let people know what happened? Through that email list. And through your Website! which is hosted on with some companies Webhosting.

PlanetTraffic Hosting





They are a relatively new hosting company. Terry Kyle over at started it up due to him being fed up with the slow hosting provided by the shared hosting companies. They have been great so far. I’ve only been with them for about 2 months now. The load speed is night and day compared. One reason being my site is hosted on a server with only 32 other domains. Compared to 2k or even 21k! But there is a catch I pay $25 a month compared to $1 or $4.






A great dependable low cost hosting provider. I went with Bluehost for my first site, and this site is actually hosted on Bluehost. I haven’t had any issues with them. And for a shared hosting plan the loading speed is actually pretty good! Especially when you compare it to other shared hosting. ie ipage :( Just for example take a look at the two screen shots below.

Bluehost – 2.3K isn’t too bad I guess. I mean what do you expect when you pay 4 bucks a month.



Ipage –  Holy Crap Batman!! 21K domains on a single server!?!?! 1 dollar hosting? You get what you pay for I guess.








I haven’t heard anything bad about them. Except, the SEO hosting, which I’ve heard sucks. But other than that they seem to have a pretty decent reputation. I wasn’t able to pull any info, because I don’t know anyone that uses them.






Well I had heard good things about them until I was reading Matt Woodward’s blog and he wrote a post about how they hijacked his business.

Matthew over at is using them, and I ran his site through to see how many domains were hosted on the same server. It came through with a respectable 38 domains. The plans start at $29.



This should at least help ya get started when looking for webhosting. If you are just starting out I would recommend something like Bluehost if you are building out some niche sites. BUT if you are actually serious about starting a business online I would recommend a better hosting provider like TrafficPlanet. My thoughts are if $25 is going to make or break your business than you have bigger issues in my opinion.


If you buy some hosting either through TrafficPlanet or Bluehost leave me a comment and I’ll help you do keyword research for you site! Or multiple sites if you are planning on building out some Niche sites…That way you can have a good plan on what keywords to target and rank for some of the easier keywords to help you gain traction in the SERPS.


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