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Blogging Sucks

i-love-bloggingWow who would have thought writing blog posts would be so hard. Definitely not me! I mean really all those guys online cranking out a few blog posts a week about some epic shit, surely I could write out a few on what I was doing online. Wrong! As you can see my posts have been sporadic and inconsistent. There is one tip that I read from Seth Godin, he mentions scheduling the blogs posts to go out at certain times, and let them go out with whatever is in there. This way you have pressure to actually sit down and finish them so that your readers don’t see half-finished or non-existent work. This is something that I plan on doing in the future to help hold my fit to the fire and give myself a sense of pressure to perform for everyone…I did start a 30 day content challenge with Josh Coffy over at flight media, it started off pretty good, but do to some family issues that took me out of the loop and some travel combined with catching up at my day job, I was never able to get caught back up and I quit. Quitting is easy, but putting my head down and getting to writing wasn’t. There is some mental toughness that needs to be built up to power through life’s ups and down to continue on and be success overall in what you do. Those are a few things that I’m doing to prep getting a solid posting schedule down, and help me push towards a more regular blogging routine. Another great idea is to come up with a rough content calendar, having a couple of blog post in the can ready to go out. Planning ahead will help for when those moments when life throws you a curve ball. Another piece of advice is to quit reading so many blogs and read more books. Not to say I won’t stop reading all blogs, but I plan on selecting just a few to keep on top of. Then adding some more books to the list, I have already read 5 books so far in 2015.Get over the imposter syndrome! This one I’ve heard John Lee Dumas over at talk about a good number of times. It is really easy to fall into telling yourself that you don’t know enough about a certain topic or that people don’t want to hear from you about that topic. All you need to know is more than the person listening to you and you my friend are an expert! An interesting thing to note is the people talking about overcoming feelings and limiting beliefs, are people who are crushing it! Don’t think that you are the only one thinking it, the most successful people at one time were in your shoes, doubting themselves and if they could make it. Your audience wants to hear from you! Now I don’t have much of an audience and you might be thinking that you don’t have an audience either. But we have to start somewhere. I want to mention a book that has been very beneficial to me.

new psycho cybernetics reviewThe New Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz; updated and edited by Dan Kennedy. Dan Kennedy provided some updated examples and with case studies to give it a more modern spin. It was a great book! It really helped me realize that I had self-image issues that I needed to be overcome. It’s not about having emotional problems, but it goes along with perceptions we have of ourselves. One personal example is, that I am just not a good writer. So naturally it was easy for me to procrastinate sitting down and writing a post, or even writing something and then telling myself it wasn’t good enough to post and share with others. We all see ourselves in a different light than others see us. This book will help you assess what you got going on, and how you can improve your self-image. Now some of you guys might be skeptical that it’s all overly positive thinking and emotional spilling crap. This isn’t some book telling you just to think positive and everything good will come your way…Not at all. I am not down with that, the book provides actionable things that you can do to improve yourself. Being successful takes work and isn’t always easy.

Let me know what books you’ve read and loved and I am interested to hear about how The New Psycho-Cybernetics helped you out.