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Paralysis by Analysis

So here is my first post here on Taking Action Online. I’ve been thinking and thinking of what I should write about first. There were just so many things to talk about, and so many things that I have learned recently.

Here is a synopsis of what I’ve been doing the past 3 months, wow we are almost through the first quarter! I’m going to have to take more action if I want to meet my goals!

Goals for 2014.

  • Create 4 money making sites.
  • Gross 2k/mo from those sites.
  • Land my first SEO client.

First I’ve created one site so far in the home good niche. It’s actually technically my second site, but the first one was a bust. I did not do a good enough job of analyzing it prior to purchase. It was an expired domain. I got the itch to buy one after reading Hayden at NoHatSEO .  It had good PA and DA, but I should have taken a look at the backlinks better. Most of them were good, but there were quite a few in the “make money online” niche. Oh well lesson learned. Time to move on. So then I moved away from trying to build out a site from an expired domain.

I purchased LTP and started to work on Keyword research. I used the metrics Pat Flynn talks about in finding a good niche. Its good place to start Check his criteria here or if you like videos better click here I also took lots of advice from Spencer or at  Seeing Pat’s Security Guard Training site and Spencer’s Survival Knife site really motivated to get started and take action to start my own niche site.

Using Long Tail Pro made keyword research sooo much easier! I started off just using the Google Keyword planner and it was slow and painful, and I got distracted very easily Facebook or YouTube seemed to call my name. LTP made it easier and quicker, I splurged and paid for the platinum version. Being able to make one click and get the “KC” (keyword Competitiveness) was great especially for a newbie like me. I finally came to a few niches that I thought might work. I picked one, and fingers crossed it will pan out! J So that was the beginning of January.

I was like great I have my niche, now that the hard part is done let the money start rolling in! lol Now I needed to pick a domain name. I finally decided on one, after many brainstorming sessions, and driving my wife nuts constantly asking her if a domain name sounded good or not.

Now I have my domain, I needed to start putting some content up! Which I followed Jon Haver’s method for getting cheap articles that don’t suck and picked up 10 articles on oDesk. Which was an interesting thing. My advice is not to pay anything upfront!! I did that for one of and ended up almost losing 4 bucks, lol its not much, but it seemed like a big deal at the time. I was so worried about losing my shirt and had to step back and remind myself that it was 4 dollars. It took him forever to get back to me after he accepted the job. Plus when he provided two articles to me to look over they sucked! It read as if someone that did not speak English as their first language wrote them, which the guy was supposedly from the states. I ended up canceling the contract with him and took the two articles, and planned to put them on a web 2.0 or something. It was all good though because I had hired 3 different writers J Only 1 actually worked out, he was great! And he has written 20 articles for me so far.  I just ordered another 5 from him today actually. Now that I have a good start with my content, I needed a logo.

I went to fiverr and started looking through all the gigs for logo creation. I finally picked a gig, and bit the bullet. I don’t know why it was so hard to do, it was only 5 bucks so even if it sucked, I’ve easily wasted more on other things. It ended up not being great, but it worked.

Rock and roll I have my content, and logo. Stepping back a minute, I did purchase hosting when I bought the expired domain.

Fast forward to today, I have my site up with about 11 pieces of content. But I’ve been debating on what to do to get exposure for my site. I know I need backlinks, so I’ve done some manual blog commenting. I’ve been thinking about buying some PBN links. I would just hate to hurt my site even before I’m ranking for anything.

Which I’ve decided that I’m going to just go and buy some PBN links to get started. I really want to see my site rank. It is sitting on 4th, 5th and 6th page for a few keywords. This isn’t bad for not having any links show up in Opensiteexplorer.

I’ve had my site going for almost 3 months now, and have been over analyzing this thing called backlinking.

I’ll post an update after I get some backlinks going to the site, and let you know how it worked out. Jon just posted a good post concerning “How many backlinks Do you need to rank on the First Page of Google?”  So hopefully I can do the same with my site since it doesn’t have any backlinks as of yet, and see if it responds similar to Jon’s site.

Until next time!